Dear Member:

We will be entering negotiations in the near future. As always, CUPE is seeking a freely negotiated settlement that addresses the priorities of our members. WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND SUPPORT. The results of this survey will form the basis of our proposals.

Personal Background

Priority Issues

In your view, please indicate how important each of the following issues are or the next round of bargaining:
1. Wages

2. Health Benefits

3. Sick Benefits

4. Flexible Work Arrangements

5. Staffing Levels/Workload

6. Vacation Time

7. Personal Leave

8. Workplace Learning

9. Job Security/Contracting Out

Please list the three issues you consider most important from those above (1-11):

Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3


a. Wages: CUPE will be seeking a wage increase during the upcoming round of negotiations. Please indicate the term of agreement and wage increases that you think the union should be seeking:


Please add any additional comments you would like CUPE to consider in preparing for this round of bargaining:


What activities would you consider becoming involved in to support your bargaining committee (workplace communication, wearing CUPE pins/buttons, information pickets, other activities)?