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Hello CUPE 2191 Member.

We, as your Pay Equity Committee, have participated in Mediation with the Employer, CLT on Oct. 1st, 2018 in Etobicoke.

Both parties presented their cases in front of the Mediator, Mr. Herman Robert and he listened to both parties carefully and took notes.

Mr. Herman Robert will review all submissions made by CUPE 2191 and CLT. He will make his decision based on the information presented to him.

He will inform both parties about his decision within the next few months.

We will provide you with the updates regarding his decision as soon as we receive a response from the mediator.

You can get more information by calling your union office at 416-979-9594 or by visiting our local’s website at

Thank you for your patience.

Pay Equity Committee

CUPE 2191

Amar Bajwa, Veriline Howe, Fredrica Pottinger, Marcia Christian

CUPE National Staff Reps:
 Helen Gibb-Gavel, Terri Nolan

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